Breast Cancer Symptoms – 7 Signs of breast cancer in women

Breast Cancer Symptoms – 7 Signs of breast cancer in women in English, Hindi and Bengali language

Breast cancer symptoms: This is the most common word in human being now days. Of course it should be. Because day by day breast cancer spreading in human body too much that people are very scared of it. First of all we can’t ignore the most deadly word ‘Cancer’. Breast cancer is most common disease in cancer family. But my friends, not to worry much because early stage of breast cancer is diagnosed and we can treat it. I request do not ignore any type of breast cancer signs or breast cancer symptoms. In a research it shows, women suffer by breast cancer than men. Most of the case in age group between 42 to 70 women suffers this disease.

How to check if you have breast cancer or not?

This is not a hard task to check if you have breast cancer or not by yourself. You have to notice about what your breast feel and look like as normally. You have to check your full breast area from upper side chest to lower side chest area. If you feel or notice something uncommon or our mention breast cancer symptoms, do not hesitate or late to consult this issue with a specialist.

  Today in this article I will share with you very important 7 signs of breast cancer.

No.1      Lump in Breast 

You can not notice if you have lump in your breast and it’s developing inside your breast. But you can feel it yourself about if there is any discomfort or swelling in your breast area. You can rub you breast from lower panel to upper with you palm to check if there is any hard muscle or pain in particular area.

breast cancer symptoms

If you have lump in breast then it will feel look like a very small piece of nut. Of course lump can be any sizes and shape by its developing age. Breast cancer screening can discover the actual size and shape of the lump. Most of the normal type lumps come out as fluid fill cyst in the time of menstrual cycle. But if the lump is very hard and it does not come out in the time of menstrual process, never ignore this. It can be develop as breast cancer further. So better option is to consult with your doctor and do some screening test before it too late.

No.2      Breast Pain

Breast pain is very common thing if somebody has cancer and it has well formed. If you have breast cancer then you may feel little pain in your infected breast or sometime in both breasts. You can check it by pressing your breast by your palm. If you feel abnormal pain after pressing the breast, then it should not ignorable.

 No. 3    Breast Shapes Changes

If you find any changes of your breasts, it cause of cancer. Oh! Wait, don’t panic. Breast shapes are varying to every woman. Sometime one breast can be smaller than the other one or it’s seemed to be.  Not all case is normal. If you have breast cancer then you will notice that your one breast getting smaller than the other one within few weeks. In that case you need immediate breast screening test and consult with the specialist.

No. 4     Skin Texture changes

Skin texture changes are very common sign of breast cancer. If you notice any kind of dimpling, rashes or red skin in a small area around breast, it’s the sign of breast cancer. People very often mistake this as normal itching problem, but when it is caused by the development of cancer.

No. 5     Nipple position changing

Nipple position changing is another common symptom of breast cancer or tumor. In such case nipple look like it’s sinking into the breast muscle. Sometime it takes a little curl and shrink.

No.6      Fluid coming out from the nipple

Some time it show fluid coming out from the nipple at the time of breast cancer. If you are pregnant or your baby is not breast feeding then it is a sign of breast cancer. In such case you might need immediate consult with a doctor or cancer specialist.

No. 7     Breast Skin colour changing

Yes, Breast colour changing is another sign of breast cancer in women. The infected breast area may look like some orange colour shades. So this kind of skin colour changing might be happening for the problem in same breast or the effect of other infected breast.

                Except these above things there is another very rare type of breast cancer call inflammatory breast cancer. You may notice some different types of symptoms for this inflammatory cancer. This type of cancer also be treated if you consult with a specialist in time.

Author’s Note

None of cancer is ignore able. If we let them grow they will lead us to the death. Breast cancer mostly find in women’s breast. That does not mean that men don’t need to worry about it, because men also suffer in breast cancer. But chances of breast cancer in men is low than women. That’s why this article I mention particular for women. The same sign or symptoms can be seen in men also. So if any of you notice this breast cancer symptoms, do not hesitate twice to consult a specialist.

I hope this article will help you and your awareness more than before. Don’t forget to share this article in your facebook, twitter or instagram, so that your friends also have some knowledge about breast cancer. You can ask me any question or health & fitness related issue by commenting bellow. I will be glad to have a good conversation with you.

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