Dengue fever treatment – How to cure Dengue at Home

Dengue Fever Treatment – How to cure Dengue at Home. Dengue fever treatment and cure naturally at home in Hindi, English and Bengali languages

Dengue fever treatment: In the past few years dengue fever has been spread in India like no other diseases. Dengue fever is not only a fever but 25% of dengue infected people dying each year in India.  Lots of people getting infected each year around Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala & West Bengal.

Researchers and doctors are continuing their research on dengue vaccine or any anti-toed. But there is no such dengue vaccine or medicines available still now. So dengue infected people need to take care of them at home only. In one word there is no dengue fever treatment in medical dictionary.

There is few myth to cure dengue fever by ayurvedic formula. Here is few ayurvedic myths to cure dengue fever:

papaya leaves in Dengue

  • The juice of papaya leaves (Very bad in test)
  • Juice of Coriander leaves
  • Chyvanprash to boost human immunity system
  • Tulsi leave and mint leave water
  • Fenugreek leave that lower the body temperature.
  • Black grape juice help to increase platelet
  • Basil leave can help to strength our body’s immune system

I already told that there are no doctor approved medicines for dengue fever treatment.  At the time of dengue fever, our body becomes lack of fluid. Our body gets very sick because of low fluid in body. So we need to drink as much as ORS (Oral Rehydration Solution) mix water in whole day. ORS water help to decrease fluid loss in dengue infected persons. But do not drink ORS water all the times. Drink normal water also in between drinking ORS water. This is my personal experience when I suffered in dengue fever twice. Dengue fever has a side effect of nausea all that times. If you continue drink ORS (flavor) water it can lead you to several vomiting.

So I suggest few bellow mention steps to follow as dengue fever treatment:

dengue fever home treatment

  • Keep consulting with your doctor regularly.
  • Drink ORS water along with normal water
  • Drink a lot of Lemon or Orange juice
  • Test your blood for platelet count each alternate day.
  • If platelet counts decreases bellow 60,000, then patient have to admit any good hospital.
  • You can use Paracetamol medicine to lower the temperature by following your doctor prescription.
  • You can use any head balm to relief from headache for some time.
  • If fever crosses 100 degree centigrade then take a full body bath with normal water. You can take a bath many times in a day if have high fever.
  • Try as much food you able to eat. It will keep you stronger.
  • Stay most of the time in to mosquito net.
  • Platelet count bellow 10,000 may lead people to the death
Author’s Advice:

I am feeling very emotional at my last point above. I have seen many people at many age died in my area during last few years. One of my neighbors survived from dengue when his platelet was bellow 5000. So at last I want to say to all of you please use some anti-mosquito cream or oil before you leaving home. Keep your windows block by mosquito net. I think in this way we can avoid this deadly dengue disease. You can read all common Dengue Symptoms in our blog

So friends, If you like this article helpful please do share it with your friends for more awareness. If you have any question or issue regarding dengue or any other health related, do comment bellow. I will be glad to talk with all of my readers.

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