How to Get Pregnant Fast – 10 Best Ovulation Pregnancy Tips

How to Get Pregnant Fast – 10 Best Ovulation Pregnancy Tips

How to get pregnant fast? Now that you’ve already planned to get pregnant, you wish it happens as soon as possible! However, don’t get impatient if it takes time.

Getting pregnant maybe the easiest of all things, however, some couples do find it hard to conceive for several reasons, including weak or insufficient sperm count!

Many people don’t know actually how to get pregnant. So there are many questions regarding this topic like, how to get pregnant fast? What is ovulation?  How to have a baby? Best position to get pregnant? How do I get pregnant?

So this article is perfect to give answer for all these above pregnancy related questions. I hope you will like this article and it will helpful too.

While some people claim certain positions are best for getting pregnant, there is no real evidence that agrees with this.

How to Get Pregnant Fast? What is ovulation? Follow this 9 pregnancy tips to have a healthy and cute baby.

1. Know Your Ovulation or Cycle.

Knowing your cycle is the most important thing one should consider if you want to get pregnant fast. It gives you a fair idea about your ovulation cycle and when is the best time to conceive. A mucus-like watery discharge and changes in cervical mucus can be a good indication of ovulation.

2. Best Position to Get Pregnant

There are a lot myths associated with sex positions when it comes to getting pregnant. It’s often said that missionary position is better than the doggy position. It’s a myth! According to doctors, one must take up that sex position, which makes the couple feel good.

3. Lying down after intercourse

Okay! This might sound a bit futile but it actually works. Lying down in the bed after sex for about 10-15 minutes eases the movement of sperm entering the cervix. Also, avoid going to bathroom during this course and let that sperm flow easily.

4. Get a pre-pregnancy checkup

Our bodies are unique and some of us might have birth defects like spina bifida. Don’t panic! Gets a check up done before you start trying for pregnancy and ask your doctor for prenatal vitamins containing folic acids. It protects you from those birth defects and makes you sexually healthy enough to conceive.

5. De-stress

Stress can be a nemesis to not only mental health but also physical health. Causing performance anxiety in men, stress can hinder the conceiving process. In order to avoid stress, indulge in activities that soothe you. Be it through music, meditation or any breathing exercise; get rid of that stress and notice the difference.

6. Ditch the birth control

Taking birth control pills for a long time can hinder the natural ovulation process. Even after stopping consumption of those pills, your body can take some time to gain that normal hormonal level. Consult your doctor regarding the birth control method you have been adopting and the reversal time it might take to get the ovulation process back.

  1. Quit smoking and alcohol

Do you smoke or drink? Quit it right away! It is the worst a woman can do while trying to get pregnant. Also, chuck the intake of caffeine from your diet. Consumption of these items can be your enemy in the process of conceiving.

  1. Reduce weight

Though it might sound completely irrelevant, but reducing even a little weight can make a big difference. If considerably obese, one must try to shed some weight as it will ameliorate the prospects of conceiving.

  1. Eat properly

Eating the proper vitamins, minerals, fats and fiber are necessary to achieve a healthy body composition. The most common hormonal disorder is PCOD and PCOS, which is caused due to unhealthy eating habits and stressful lifestyle.

  1. First 3-4 Months of Pregnancy

When you get pregnant once, you have to take care of yourself as most of your life. First 3 or 4 months is very important for your pregnancy. Now a day, about 15-25% of pregnancies end in a miscarriage between 3 to 4 months. More than 80% of miscarriages occur within this first three months of pregnancy. Miscarriages chances will slow down after 5 months. First 4-5 months avoid any kind of hard work. Try to take rest on bed most of the time.



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